Stargazing on the Fourth of July


Planning on catching a fireworks display on the 4th? What a perfect opportunity for family stargazing! Spend a few minutes after the fireworks display to lie back and look up. Check out a few of these posts for activity ideas and inspiration:

Summer Stargazing     Three easy steps for summer stargazing with your family– it’s easier than you think!

Stargazing Playlist     Check out this list of great background music to stargaze by. Having fun songs for the kids (and adults!) can really set the stage for gazing at the stars.

Stargazing Snacks    Show up prepared with themed snacks to kick off your stargazing time. Have the kids help you make these ahead of time– it will get them excited about the experience.

Stargazing Diary     Having your children keep a journal of the things that they see in the night sky is one way to make a stargazing event a regular experience.

Be sure to print off your Summer Sky Map to locate a few constellations!

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